Weekly Recap: Allergens and Afterthoughts

TAG Small Weekly recapAs we entered our fourth week of homeschooling I was thinking we were really making waves, but then there’s a saying… “Two steps forward, one step back.”  We took a large step back due to illness and allergies.

It is not uncommon for kids to have sick days whether they are educated at home or in a pubic school setting… teachers have sick days too.

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Ten ways to Homeschool during a Life transition

thumbnail-150x-150-detour-postMost of us have been through transitioning our lives from being single to marriage, to becoming parents. It’s an adjustment we take in wholeheartedly because of the people in our lives which we love.

Further down the road as homeschooling parents, we make changes in our lives to educate our children, whether it’s to earn extra income for curriculum, rearrange our schedules to teach lessons or gain patience in dealing with a day that did not go as planned.  What happens when a detour in your life comes up that can affect your homeschooling?

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