Weekly Recap: Autumn in Abundance

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Ten ways to Homeschool during a Life transition

thumbnail-150x-150-detour-postMost of us have been through transitioning our lives from being single to marriage, to becoming parents. It’s an adjustment we take in wholeheartedly because of the people in our lives which we love.

Further down the road as homeschooling parents, we make changes in our lives to educate our children, whether it’s to earn extra income for curriculum, rearrange our schedules to teach lessons or gain patience in dealing with a day that did not go as planned.  What happens when a detour in your life comes up that can affect your homeschooling?

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Weekly Recap: Clouds and Waves

TAG Small Weekly recap I was reminded this week of the poem “Clouds and Waves” by Rabindranath Tagore who was the the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.  His poem which uses symbolism speaks about a mother and her child in reference to nature versus nurture, it was something I could relate to these past few days with my children and our homeschooling.

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Ten Ways to Celebrate Grandparents


When I was very young, our family drove every Sunday to my Grandparents home.  My Father always reminded us the importance of family, showing us how in little ways we could celebrate his parents being in our lives.

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Trip to the Farmer’s market

thumbnail-150x150-farmers-marketThis weekend our family went to our local farmer’s market. We thought it would be a great way for the kids to see the different types of produce that are grown in our area.

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Grandparents Day

thumbnail-150x150grandparents-day-heartWhile this September 11th will be the fifteenth anniversary of 911, it is also marks Grandparents day. It is important, we as parents provide our children a connection to our extended family including their grandparents.


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Back to one of the things I love…

thumb-150x150-watercolorAfter motherhood, I gave up many of things in the form of hobbies and interests. One thing long gone is my extensive Barbie doll collection. When I met my husband to be, I had over 400+ dolls including a few that I customized. I enjoyed making doll clothes for my collection too. I learned how to sew by hand from my older sister “D” and was quite good at it.

I used to draw and paint often since I was a child. My mother would draw caricatures of us as kids. My love for Art comes from Dad who taught me to paint. Both my parents supported my interest in drawing by supplying me paper and pens even when we could not afford much. My love for Art carried into high school, college and into my 30s.

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