Cloud Identification cards

Each year we do a study on clouds. It is a month long study as part of our nature studies. In addition we create a cloud journal, observing clouds throughout the seasons.

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Books on Clouds your Children will Love


When we started using theme units in our homeschooling, it was a fun way of teaching our children on a variety of subjects.  We learned about seasons, weather, holidays,  places and modes of transportation as well as other areas the kids were interested in.

One thing we enjoyed from the very start was learning about science and how things work or how they are created. When we did a unit study on Clouds, we found a number of books the kids enjoyed.

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Our Choices in Curriulum

thumbnail-150x150-curriulumWe have an opportunity as a homeschooling family to explore our children’s interests in learning and gaining knowledge about the world as well as  developing their character as individuals.  It is our hope as parents, we are leaving our children an understanding of the importance of being as stewards of our world.
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Nature Study… what we use

thumbnail-150x150-nature-study-tag1When we first found out Nature Study, it was after following the Charlotte Mason method. We consider ourselves eclectic and enjoyed the idea of learning science by studying nature to our diverse curriculum. One thing we discovered, you don’t have to live in the country to discover nature, you can do it in your own backyard, the park or anywhere there is natural life around you.

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