01 family love tigie poohMy husband and I became parents of a preemie a year after our marriage. Our first son was born with a multitude of medical problems but faith, love and hope and perseverance, he made it through those few days when doctors thought otherwise. Enrolled in an Early Childhood Intervention program from the age of 3 months to age three,  occupational and physical therapists helped us to teach him exercises for large muscle groups as well as fine motor activities.

It was during our first year as parents that we decided our son needed more than a public school setting to help him with his educational needs.  After researching and careful consideration,  we decided to homeschool despite having a child with special needs. In the beginning, we were faced with criticism along the way… we’ve gained supporters of our family and our decision.  Since then we added a second addition to our family with our second son. Life can be challenging but at least we have each other and a wonderful group of friends and family.

Each week, we share ideas on homeschooling boys as well as give insight finding resources for themes, curriculum, books, teaching special needs, arts and crafts and a bit of everything in between… I often try to post a free printable that I create. I do this because I believe in helping others. I ask you to journey with us and share the joy of teaching.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away…”