Weekly Recap: Autumn in Abundance

While we don’t get the Fall foliage our neighbors in other states get but we make do.
Here in Texas we don’t get to view the spectacular Fall leaves changing color until late November going into December.  That doesn’t stop us from decorating for the Fall season.

In September I made several decorations from materials purchased at the Dollar Tree. I have been viewing some wonderful tutorials on YouTube and made some candy corn clay pots. I gave each of these candy corn creations to my Mom and sisters when we got together in October in honor of my Dad’s birthday (Dad passed on in October 2015 but we still get together to celebrate his life).

my candy corn clay pots
The kids make their own version using recycled pudding cups. I made sure to place a small rubber band between each color they were painting so the colors would not bleed into each other.

pudding cup candy corn 1 pudding cup candy corn 2.jpg

We used the tall pudding cups. The kids had fun painting and I think overall it as a fun Fall project.  After the pudding cups were dry, I helped the kids with the face, they glued on a pom pom nose and some raffia on top.

Candy Corn Craft.png
I have one the kids’ creations sitting on my desk next to my Dad’s photo.  I love having their crafts throughout the home.

Besides making cute crafts, I had time to make some wonderful wreaths and an Autumn basket.
Fall wreath.jpg
fall decor family rm.jpg
I was excited when my chalkboard markers came in by mail.  I had heard about them from other crafters and decided to try my hand at it.  I did the small chalkboard you see the photo above.

We visited my parent’s home in late October and I could see how the other crafters in the family had been busy making Fall decor.  My brother made this lovely wagon and pumpkin made of wood.

brothers crafts.jpg
I really love how my younger brother is so talented with creating folk art.  While we were visiting he and my Mom showed us the rest of the house inside and I like how Mom has her home decorated for the season.

decor for season.PNG
The kids ignored the decorations in favor of playing with Cupcake, my Mom’s Shih Tzu.

He strikes a pose like a professional. We love him. He is always at Mom’s side. he is such a ham.

Back at home we did a unit in late October on Pumpkins. In late May we planted some seeds and grew them over the summer.  It was a learning experience for the kids as well as for me.

pumpin growing
I created a science unit printable that the kids could use in learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin.   In the unit I have included posters using clip art and photos as well as  graphic organizers, worksheets and experiments.

borders Pumpkin Investigation Unit.jpg
Click on image above or HERE to see all that is included in this science printable.

As Thanksgiving approaches we are focusing on the changing of leaves which occurs late here. Granted it is not as colorful but it gives an opportunity for the kids to learn about leaves and why they change color.

During this time, I revised my Leaf Identification cards which only identified 18 species of leaves to now 30 species.  The kids use the cards when we are outdoors to identify the trees we see in our neighborhood.

Bur Oak tree
leaves cards.pngThe cards feature identification pictures for leaves of 30 species, which include: Sweet Gum, Birch, Popular, Oak, Gingko, Aspen, Hickory Nut, Maple, Sassafras,
Linden, Dogwood, Beech, Alder, Ash, White Oak, Box Edler, Honeysuckle, Walnut
Mountain Ash, Sycamore, Black Cherry, Black Willow, Chestnut, Red Oak, Mulberry,
Ivy, Magnolia, Elm, Holly and Tulip tree.

IMG 1 Leaf Idenitfication cards.jpg
These Identification Cards which depict 30 different leaves are great for use in teaching children about leaves or as part of a Nature Study, unit study on trees and plants or a unit on Fall or Spring.  Click on the image above or click HERE to view more on this wonderful printable.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the Fall season, God bless.


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