Weekly Recap: Allergens and Afterthoughts

TAG Small Weekly recapAs we entered our fourth week of homeschooling I was thinking we were really making waves, but then there’s a saying… “Two steps forward, one step back.”  We took a large step back due to illness and allergies.

It is not uncommon for kids to have sick days whether they are educated at home or in a pubic school setting… teachers have sick days too.

On our last day at the coast the previous Friday, we dined at a restaurant which had a gluten-free menu. Since being diagnosed with Celiac disease in July 2014,  I have been eating Gluten-Free and had not dined at restaurants for at least a year.  There were not as many places to dine out for me as there have been during the past year. One thing is certain, you still take chances with cross contamination.

Over the weekend and into Monday, I had little energy to do anything but sit in a chair or bed. The effects of gluten on someone such as myself range from:

–  a foggy head (unclear thoughts and difficulty making decisions)
–  joint and bone pain
–  muscle and stomach cramping
–  loose bowel movements
–  fatigue
– sometimes can become anemic

I had all the above and then some. It took until Tuesday before my thoughts were clear.  By then my youngest was not well. After seeing the allergist, it was determined his symptoms were due to allergens and was placed on a regiment of three new medications. He is not happy about having to take these prescriptions and tried repeatedly to talk his way out of taking them. With a promise of feeling better, he reluctantly gave in.

Wednesday was a “Monday” for us with lessons, still it was a light day so we focus on a few subjects. My oldest son Michael worked on his nature study journal while my youngest Matthew made several “First day of Fall” of crafts.  Using Styrofoam balls and artificial Autumn Foliage purchased at the dollar tree, Matthew crumpled each leaf and hot glued them (on low setting with adult supervision) to the Styrofoam.   We had clay pots and raffia in the home so those items came in handy for the craft project.  The second craft was one made with paper rolls tubes and tissue paper.

By Thursday, with everyone feeling a bit energized, we headed to visit friends who own a horse training ranch. My father got me interested in horses when I was young and it is a passion for animals which I am a happy has developed in my children.  Matthew, my youngest has loved horses since he was young as you can see below.


We spent the afternoon enjoying our friends showing us their new additions to the group. This year they offer a four-week course on horse care,  covering safety, basic handling, grooming, tacking, the use of equipment, equine anatomy and diet. We may even up signing the boys once our youngest son’s allergy medications take full effect.


We were in for a treat after returning home as my youngest son and I made stuffed bell peppers as part of his life skills lessons. I want both my children to learn basic life skills they will need into adulthood.  Trying to get Matthew to eat vegetables as always been a struggle much in contrast to his older brother Michael.  We have tried growing vegetables in the past and recently considered having him prepare his vegetables in fun and easy ways to gain interest in trying new foods.


Today everyone is taking the slow in stride. Although we did not get much done in terms of lessons due to illness, it something that can happen to any family. I have learned it is okay to take a step back before you move forward, something I had not thought to consider when we first started homeschooling.  Things can always be added later in life, once you get back on track just like an afterthought.

I have written a recent article called, “Ten Ways to Homeschool during a Life Transition.”  I hope it will give insight to those going through a temporary detour such as we did this week. Here’s hoping you enjoyed a wonderful First Day of Fall. 

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