Ten ways to Homeschool during a Life transition

thumbnail-150x-150-detour-postMost of us have been through transitioning our lives from being single to marriage, to becoming parents. It’s an adjustment we take in wholeheartedly because of the people in our lives which we love.

Further down the road as homeschooling parents, we make changes in our lives to educate our children, whether it’s to earn extra income for curriculum, rearrange our schedules to teach lessons or gain patience in dealing with a day that did not go as planned.  What happens when a detour in your life comes up that can affect your homeschooling?




If you know the change in your life is happening (such as  moving), be prepared by settling up or packing a box of needed supplies and books for lessons especially if you will not have Internet access during your transition.  If you have internet access, take advantage of educational apps or ebooks your children can engage in.



When our youngest son was born, we made necessary changes in our family’s routine.  A family’s priorities can change during moves, illnesses, pregnancies, births, and other life  transitions.  Look at what needs to be addressed and work on those subjects or areas you can do.



Sometimes, you might have days you can’t cover subjects, realizing that can happen is one way of knowing you are not a “Supermom or Superdad”… no  one is.  Making adjustments as your family grows or as you deal with a something unexpected is a good way to be flexible in your homeschool day.



If possible, group subjects like electives which can be taught with multi-grades such a history, geography, and science. Kids learn well in groups and if time in your day is short, you and your family may benefit by grouping subjects together.



A motto of my husband when he addressed his employees was T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More.  I have found it works in families too.  When became severely ill two years ago due to Celiac disease, my husband and oldest son pitched in with helping with homeschooling. Older children can pair off with the younger children and help with lessons even if it is just with the basics like reading.



Don’t worry about extra electives. You may have cut back and only cover the basic subjects: Reading, Writing and Math. Remember everything else can wait.



We found on difficult days, keeping up with reading was a good thing.  Reading is simple because you can read anywhere at home or on the go,  plus it is a good distraction for you and your children during a life change.



Sometimes life can be overwhelming so don’t be afraid to ask for help or accept it, you don’t need to do it alone.  Asking a friend, relative, neighbor or church member for support is beneficial to you and your children when needed. Maybe you need to relax or unwind while a friend or relative watches the kids, perhaps someone can bring potluck to help you with a meal; even the smallest amount of help sometimes makes all the difference.



In late September of last year, my Father’s health declined further due to Alzheimer’s. I had to spend much of my time at my parents’ home with my siblings helping my Mom care for Dad.  I did little schooling then and when my Dad passed away in October, there was no time for homeschooling.  Sometimes in the midst of dealing with transitions, you need to take a break to focus on other things in life.



As Homeschooling parents, we can get all worked up over missed school time and activities we believe our children can’t afford to miss. Children can always catch up, your kids are learning life skills all the time that are just as important as school subjects.  Your children will handle the time off and allowing yourself a break is okay.

Above all, know that Life is full of detours, some we set forth in our lives while others are placed upon us. Regardless of the circumstances, realize it is a part of Life that we go through these seasons of change and it is a detour that is temporary.

This post is linked to iHomeschool Network’s Top Ten Tuesday.


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