Cloud Identification cards

Each year we do a study on clouds. It is a month long study as part of our nature studies. In addition we create a cloud journal, observing clouds throughout the seasons.

Sometime back, I thought about a creative way to have on hand an easy portable method of having pictures of the different types of clouds for the kids do have for reference during their observations. What I came up was making our own Leaf Identification cards.

Img Cloud card set 1
Note: This is an updated version of our original cloud cards.


Click on the image above to download this set of Field Guide Cloud cards.

I have recently updated the cards to include the names of each cloud shown to make it
easier for young children for reference.

There are a total of seven pages shown in this set: Page one provides instructions and tips on how to use your cards and this set includes four pages of photos picturing different cloud types and two pages of the name and brief description of each cloud. The first card description goes with the first photo and so on.

Print the sheets, cut and then laminate to make them more sturdy. Have young child play a matching game with each card and find its matching card. Preschoolers can play a guessing game by identifying the correct cloud card as the parent reads the brief description of each cloud.

We enjoy using our Field Guide Cloud Cards. What’s great is we can hang the card sets on a small tote or backpack when we go outdoors. We have taken them along in the car and the kids like using their cards to identify clouds.

Click HERE to purchase a copy. The file is for personal use of single classroom use only.  You are more than welcome to link back to this post.


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